Hexamatics Services

Hexamatics Manpower Supply & Professional Services

At Hexamatics we provide a comprehensive range of services to cater for all your outsourcing needs. We truly understand this region and are able to give you the home ground advantage in delivering your services.

Services offered include:

Manpower Supply & Recruitment

We locate, screen, recruit, train and transfer the hard to get resources that are essential to deliver your projects.

Expatriate Management

We handle everything for expats from the day the step out of the plane until we send them home safely after a successful assignment abroad.

Payroll Administration

From generating pay slips, to income tax deductions and even financing your payroll, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution to meet all your requirements.

Collection Services & Account Management

We are able to manage your clients for you to ensure that your collections are received in the shortest period of time in the most efficient manner.

We specialise in the high tech and telecommunications sector and appreciate the intricacies involved. We combine industry experience, local knowledge, process skills and technology to alleviate your management burden associated with delivering successful projects to your clients.